Updated Add-On Guides

To those that read the Add-On guides I provide, in order to reflect the new menu configurations and the options therein, I have updated :

Decursive, as of June 11, 2011.

Clique, as of May 28, 2011.

Grid – Part 1 and Grid – Part 2, as of May 22, 2011.

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2 Responses to Updated Add-On Guides

  1. Oestrus says:

    I will certainly be using your add-on guides as the basis for my first add-on guide, if and when I decide to write it. I’m still torn. Should I write about an add-on that I can’t get to work and others can? So confusing.

    • Darista says:

      I feel flattered, O! :D I would think that writing a guide for an add-on that you can’t get to work would be somewhat difficult. Are you able to see all of the options and the menus, or is it just that what it is supposed to DO isn’t working? I’d say go for it, but I personally like to have mine working in full force so that I can test everything out and verify that it does what it says it is supposed to.

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